Marie-Laure Salvado

Communications Director, North America, P&G

Marie-Laure Salvado is currently Communications Director for North America, P&G’s historic and largest market. Rich with 25 years of communication experience across continents, Marie-Laure defines herself as a ‘passionate and expert communicator who loves to build brands and businesses.’

Prior to her current role, Marie-Laure led Communications for P&G Home Care - Family Care and P&G Professional, where she crafted the communication strategies for brands like Swiffer and Febreze to become billion dollar brands. She also coordinated the communication of the AmbiPur acquisition and integration into P&G. In 2004, Marie-Laure was tapped to lead Communications for the North America Fabric & Home Care businesses, where she contributed to establish the Tide Loads of Hope Disaster Relief program. She joined P&G in France in 1989 where she worked across all aspects of communications, from brand to corporate, media relations, employee and executive communication, issue & crisis, sustainability, stakeholder - community and plant relations.

Marie-Laure is a French native, who holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science (University of Bordeaux), a Master Degree in International Relations (University of Paris-La Sorbonne) and a Master Degree in Journalism-Public Relations (University of Colorado). Marie-Laure is married to JB, and has 3 children aged 20, 17 and 13. She resides in Cincinnati, OH.

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