Stacy Darling

Global Projects Leader, Brand System Workforce Enablement, IBM

As global projects leader for IBM's corporate brand systems and workforce enablement team, Stacy applies her more than 15 years of experience at IBM, to help shape the company’s employee engagement and enablement strategy. In her current role, Stacy focuses on helping IBMers -- individual contributors and senior leaders alike -- transform the way they work through the adoption of social business best practices. Her efforts in this area include leading the Digital IBMer initiative -- a partnership between Marketing and Communications, Legal, the CIO's office, Corporate Security and HR -- designed to help IBMers understand the value of social business practices, while simultaneously mitigating risk. Stacy also runs IBM's alumni relations program, The Greater IBM Connection, a social network of over 80,000 current and former IBMers.

Prior to IBM, Stacy spent five years working in the broadcast news industry. When she's not helping IBMers understand how their work helps shape the client experience, Stacy and her husband spend their time keeping up with three very active children. She and her family currently reside in Boston, Mass.

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