Elizabeth Crosta

Vice President, Public Affairs, U.S. Consumer Services Business, American Express

Elizabeth Crosta is Vice President, Public Affairs supporting the U.S. Consumer Services Business at American Express. 

Elizabeth joined American Express two years ago from Ogilvy PR where she was a Senior Vice President in their corporate practice and led the American Express account for two years. Elizabeth has been instrumental in helping manage the profile of American Express’s US Consumer Cards, playing both offense and defense for the company. This has included helping to create and launch a new program #PassionProject, a coordination social media and public relations program designed to celebrate people who are living and doing with purpose. Elizabeth also recently launched and manages the American Express  Tumblr community for people looking to live life to the fullest and pursue their passions.

Prior to joining American Express, Elizabeth worked at a several PR firms in New York and San Francisco where she managed tech and ecommerce clients ranging from start-ups to well-known brands like Ebay, DoubleClick, Intel, Cisco and IBM. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and her kids, Coco and Jamie.

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