Great Cars and Trucks – Various sources of GM product information to help our retirees become great ambassadors for GM vehicles and services.

2015 & 2014 Product Brochures
An easy to print pamphlet that summarizes vehicle highlights and competitive comparisons

GM Brands
For a more detailed summary of vehicle highlights, pricing, safety features, powertrains, fuel economy and warranties – this site has it all in a snapshot.
Visit the vehicle showroom and learn more about GM Canada on our public website.

Tips on buying a New Car
Know someone who is buying a car for the first time? This handy guide has great tips that save time and money.

Customer Satisfaction Procedure
How to manage any concerns with your GM vehicle

A One Page Guide to GM's  2014 Exciting New Cars

Employee Vehicle Purchase Program


Interested in buying a new GM product?
Should you have any questions, please contact your local Company Vehicle Co-Ordinator or the Oshawa Employee Vehicle Centre at (905) 721-2300.

For this and other discounts please visit Marketplace.