Class Leading Insignia Sets a New Benchmark


The stunning new Opel Insignia will launch in Ireland this November, with an impressive list of class-leading accolades to its name. From just €24,995, the German manufacturer breaks the mould in engineering efficiency, aerodynamics and technology, with its flagship new Insignia ...


State of the Art Infotainment: Innovative, Intuitive and Individual


The new Opel Insignia, which recently made its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, presents its all-new cockpit and infotainment system called IntelliLink. The spotlight was on three criteria during the development of the cockpit and infotainment system ...

Mobile Apps Enable Opel Customers to Update In-Car Infotainment


Opel customers will soon be able to “update” their in-car infotainment without having to buy a new vehicle. Customers will be able to customise the infotainment system in their Insignia’s and update apps ...

Fresh Appeal: Bold Looks for New Opel Insignia


With revolutionary interior design and revitalised exterior styling, the new Insignia gives fresh expression to Opel’s design philosophy where ‘sculptural artistry meets German precision’ ...

New Insignia OPC: Premiere for the Ultimate Opel Powerhouse


With 325 hp and 435 Nm maximum torque, the Insignia OPC is the ultimate performer among Opel models. The re-styled front and rear, with signature OPC design elements such as distinctive detailing at the front and the exhaust integrated in the rear, underline its power ...

Opel Starts Production of the new Insignia in Rüsselsheim


Today marked the start production for the new Opel Insignia with the first model rolled off the assembly line ...

Opel Introduce the All New Insignia Country Tourer


The new Insignia family will soon be completed when the Opel Insignia Country Tourer makes its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. While its Sports Tourer sibling is an elegant family and business Estate vehicle ...

The New Opel Insignia – The Engine and Infotainment Revolution


Opel is set to reinforce its prominent position with a new Opel Insignia that is due to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and will be followed with an Irish debut later this year ...