#HerzSprung: Opel gets emotional with Mother’s Day Film


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·           Say “thanks” to mum – unusual, exciting, emotional

·           From the bottom of your heart: Opel Mother’s Day clip shows how

·           New social video #HerzSprung promotes feelings

Rüsselsheim.  The motto of the new social video for Mother’s Day is, “She gave you your life. Give her this day”. #HerzSprung tells the emotional story of the son who overcomes his greatest fears in order to give his mum an unforgettable day out. For weeks, he fights his vertigo in a parachuting school. As he finally succeeds, he collects his mother from the retirement home and surprises her with a tandem jump.

Instead of advertising a new model in this film, Opel deliberately decided to promote a feeling, in order to show more appreciation for parents. The social video on YouTube and similar channels aims to strengthen emotional ties to the brand.

“Opel wants to bring people together on Mother’s Day, since owning a car means having the freedom to stay in touch with each other”, say Opel CMO, Tina Müller.

Scholz & Friends in Hamburg, Opel’s lead agency, is responsible for the idea and realization of #HerzSprung. “Since ‘Umparken im Kopf’, Opel has become well-known for credibly addressing social subjects. When your car is seen for only three seconds in a two-minute commercial, you are obviously serious about it”, says Niels Alzen, the lead creative at Scholz & Friends.

“With this clip, Opel shows what really counts”, adds Tina Müller. “To be there for someone, despite all the hectic. To delight the most important people in life.”

The team:

Adam Opel AG:          Tina Müller, CMO

Agency:                       Scholz & Friends Hamburg

Creation:                     Niels Alzen

Production:                  Christoph Köhler

Director:                      Laurent Chanz

Leading actor:             Vivien Bridson