Navigation Services

OnStar*Destination Download not available on OnStar FMV
Turn-by-Turn Navigation

You may not get lost very often, but how often are you only “sort of” sure about where you’re going? You might know the general area, but you don’t know the exact street or exit. It can waste a lot of time and gas. So why guess? Know for sure with OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation. It’s there for you – It’s built into your vehicle. It’s simple – all you have to do is push one button and ask the Advisor to download directions to your car. And it’s smart – an automated voice calls out every turn as you need it. So now you can drive without uncertainty.

Take your online mapping to a whole new level – send your MapQuest destination directly to your vehicle. Once you’ve found your destination at, from the send menu, select “Send to OnStar.” When you are in your vehicle, press the white phone icon button, say “Virtual Advisor,” then follow the prompts and the system will guide you from there. (Requires Directions & Connections Plan)

Destination Download
If you prefer to use the screen-based navigation system in your car, just push the blue OnStar button, and an Advisor can download directions right to your navigation screen. You don’t have to type anything, and there’s no need to pull over and add a destination. There isn’t an easier way to download address information on your navigation system. Available on select GM vehicles.