Emergency Services

OnStar*Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, Remote Ignition Block, Remote Door Unlock and Remote Horn and Lights not available on OnStar FMV
Emergency Services

If you or someone else needs emergency help, just press the red emergency button. You’ll get a priority connection to a specially trained Advisor who can contact fire, police or emergency medical services and use GPS technology to guide them right to you. Day or night, someone is there to assist you.

Good Samaritan
You can also use OnStar to help others. Whatever the situation – a crash up ahead, a downed power line, or information about a missing child for an AMBER Alert – just push the red emergency button to report the details. An Advisor may also conference in the 9-1-1 center so you can share information with them directly.

Crisis Assist
We’re constantly monitoring the news and weather for possible hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and other natural disasters. When one hits, our Crisis Assist team gets busy – working with state services to learn about updated evacuation routes, hotels and shelters, open gas stations and locations for food, water and medical supplies. We can also connect you to family and friends. In a crisis, an Advisor uses all services to help you at no additional cost. Just press the OnStar button for help when you need it most.