Vehicle Diagnostics

OnStarOnStar Vehicle Diagnostics E-mail
Every month you can automatically receive an email with the results of hundreds of regular checks of your engine, StabiliTrak, antilock brakes and other key systems. You’ll keep on top of vehicle maintenance with email alerts that tell you precisely when to change your oil and put air in your tires. And by simply following the tire pressure alerts and keeping your tires properly inflated, you could same more than $70 on fuel per year.

On-Demand Diagnostics
When it happens, it can make your heart race. A light flashes on your dash telling you one of your systems needs attention. Help is as close as your rearview mirror. Just push the blue OnStar button and ask the Advisor for an On-Demand Diagnostics check. Within a minute or two, the check can tell the Advisor the cause of the warning light or let you know the concern may be as simple as a lost gas cap. The Advisor can also connect you to the nearest dealership or service center for help. If you want to run a quick check before taking off on a trip, an Advisor can run a pre-trip check for you.