This is our most powerful OnStar ever, empowering you and your passengers to create a highly connected world inside your car. With a 4G LTE connection, your OnStar service connections are faster and delivery times are shorter. With the speed of 4G LTE, the reliability of an always-charged battery and a roof-mounted antenna, this is our fastest, most reliable connection ever — more powerful than a smartphone or mobile hotspot. You’re empowered to get whatever you want, wherever you go.

Now you can move effortlessly from home to work to anywhere without being disconnected from your world. You’ve got an available built-in Wi-Fi® hotspot, ready to connect up to seven devices at once. Everyone can surf, scan, create, post and game their way through any journey, with the help of a high-speed, highly reliable 4G LTE connection. Now wherever you go, your world is right there with you.

If you’ve got a mobile device, you can control your car from almost anywhere in your world. The OnStar RemoteLink® mobile app lets you remote start your car (if factory-equipped) to warm it up or cool it down before you get there. You can also pinpoint your vehicle on a map and securely manage your vehicle’s Wi-Fi® hotspot — all from your smartphone. And with the Guidance Plan, you can send destinations from your mobile device to your vehicle and get valuable offers to your favorite destinations as well as real-time diagnostics information. Need to lock your doors or check your fuel level, tire pressure (if factory-equipped) and oil life? You can do it with your mobile device from anywhere you get a signal. You’ll alway be in the driver’s seat, even when you’re nowhere near it.

OnStar Advisors are there for life’s little emergencies too. If you want an Advisor to start your car from virtuaIly anywhere, just ask. If you get locked out, just make a quick call to OnStar. After verifying your account, an OnStar Advisor can send a remote signal that unlocks your doors within minutes. And we can remotely lock them too. If you can’t find your car in a parking lot or in bad weather, ask an OnStar Advisor to flash your lights and honk your horn. We can smooth out life’s minor speed bumps and get you on your way.

OnStar Family Link® keeps you in the know when family members travel on their own. Our website shows your car’s location on a map at any time. You can also receive email or text alerts with your car’s location at given times of the day. You’ll have a great sense of relief knowing where your children or aging parents are, and whether or not they arrived safely at their destinations. (There’s a small monthly fee for this service.)

Hands-Free Calling is a wireless service within your car that keeps you safely connected on the road. It’s there when your cell phone isn’t— whether you forgot it, it’s out of range or local laws prohibit using a cell phone while you drive. Just push a button, call out the name or number, and we’ll do the rest. The battery is always charged. The antenna is designed for better reception. And there’s nothing to hold or look at. Choose from minute bundles or a plan with minutes allotted every month. It’s a smart backup plan.

Now life doesn’t stop when you get behind the wheel. OnStar AtYourService is a new way to discover value in the places you go. With AtYourService, you get a better way to eat, shop and play. We can do everything from brightening your day with a special offer to helping you find and book a hotel room through when you’re on the road and need one. Use the RemoteLink mobile app to find deals of the day, whether you’re looking to grab a coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts or need to find a place to park. And a quick press of the blue OnStar button gives you access to an Advisor who can provide directions and also deliver relevant offers and deals based on where you’re headed. Incredibly simple and incredibly powerful, AtYourService makes where you go and what you do more rewarding.