GM Korea Opens New Design Center


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Seoul – GM Korea Company today held the opening ceremony for the new GM Korea Design Center, which is located at its headquarters in Incheon, Korea.

The expansion will create an environment for designers to create and develop design strategies for GM’s future product portfolio. It represents an investment of US$40 million.

The expanded design center doubles the size of GM’s design operations in Korea and includes cutting-edge design facilities. It will support exterior and interior vehicle styling, digital design and studio engineering for GM’s global vehicle programs.

"We view our design operations in Korea as a key component within our global network of Design Centers," said Ed Welburn, GM vice president, Global Design. "That is because great design is not only understood and appreciated in Korea - it is celebrated. Today's announcement will allow the Korean design team to continue to positively impact GM's future product portfolio around the world, and it will provide us the ability to attract and develop young Korean designers for many years to come."

GM Korea is one of only seven fully integrated design, engineering and manufacturing operations within GM. As one of GM’s leading design facilities, the GM Korea Design Center has made tremendous contributions to global GM in designing many of GM’s best-selling products, including the Chevrolet Spark, Aveo and Cruze.

GM Korea President and CEO Sergio Rocha said, “Our new operations represent a significant investment in research and development by GM. They reflect our parent company’s strong commitment to enable our local team members to dream, create and develop design strategies for future products that will give GM a competitive edge around the globe.”

The new design center has received Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. This is part of the design team’s commitment to adopt GM’s industry-leading environmental design practices.

Korean Minister of Trade, Industry & Energy Sang-jick Yoon, who attended today’s opening ceremony, congratulated GM Korea. He said, “I believe that the strengthened design capability of GM Korea will contribute to satisfying consumers, which will bring the success of GM Korea to the global market.”

GM has invested an average of more than KRW 1 trillion annually in Korea over the last 11 years since the establishment of GM Korea in 2002.

About GM Korea Company

GM Korea Company (GM Korea), which is based in Incheon, Korea, was established in 2002 and has about 17,000 employees. It operates four manufacturing facilities in Korea and represents one of only seven fully integrated design, engineering and manufacturing operations within GM. In 2013, GM Korea sold 151,040 vehicles in Korea and exported more than 1.8 million complete vehicles and vehicle kits to more than 150 markets around the world. Since its launch, GM Korea has been contributing to Korea’s society and economy by investing more than KRW 1 trillion annually in new product development and facilities. GM Korea’s product lineup includes a range of Chevrolet products, Alpheon, and the Damas and Labo commercial vehicles. Additional information on GM Korea and its products can be found on the company’s website at

About GM Design

General Motors has a network of 10 design centers in seven countries around the world (the United States, Germany, Korea, China, Australia, Brazil and India). More than 1,900 employees are engaged in the design of GM concept and production vehicles globally. GM Design was established in 1927 as The Art and Color Section by the legendary designer Harley Earl. GM Design is currently led by Ed Welburn, Vice President, Global Design.


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