Ecotec Engine Family - Ecotec发动机家族



2014-03-19  to 2014-03-19

New Modular Ecotec Engines are More Adaptable, Efficient


DETROIT – A new generation of Ecotec small-displacement engines streamlines General Motors’ global powertrain portfolio with a modular architecture that broadens its adaptability to global markets and reduces manufacturing complexity – while offering customers leading-edge efficiency, refinement and durability.

Global Network Drives New Ecotec Engine Development


DETROIT – General Motors’ new Ecotec family of small-displacement engines will power the company’s highest-volume small cars and compact crossovers around the world. Ensuring it meets performance, efficiency, durability and refinement goals for every local market is the responsibility of about 300 engineers at GM’s development centers in the United States, Germany, China and South Korea.

New Ecotec Engines Deliver More with Less Complexity


DETROIT – General Motors’ new family of Ecotec small-displacement engines is the cornerstone of a powertrain strategy founded on downsized engines that deliver robust power with greater efficiency, segment-leading refinement and low CO2 emissions.

New Ecotec Family Designed for Class-Leading Refinement


DETROIT – Along with performance and efficiency, the new Ecotec engine family is designed to deliver excellent refinement, with low vibration and noise levels. Engineers targeted every aspect of the architecture – reciprocating components, fuel system and engine management functions – in the quest for class-leading smoothness and quietness.

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