Bedford Powertrain


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105 GM Drive
Bedford, Indiana. 47421 United States

Year Opened:


Facility Size:

915,000 Square feet; located on 143 acres

Employee Information







Union Local:

UAW Local 440 & IBEW Local 16

Facility Details

Facilities: Die Cast Production Building

Located in south central Indiana, GM Powertrain Bedford is one of the leading aluminum die casting facilities in the world.  Bedford uses an aluminum die cast process to manufacture transmission casings and converter housings for the new fuel efficient six speed transmissions.  Most team members are represented by United Autoworker Locals 440 and IBEW Local 16.  Bedford is located in the heart of Indiana’s limestone country in beautiful south central Indiana.  The Bedford facility is about 25 minutes south of Bloomington, home of Indiana University.


December 2013 – $29.2 million

·         $22.6 million for 10-speed transmission components

·         $6.6 million for 6-speed transmission component capacity increase

July 2011 – $32 million

·         Investment for transmissions for Buick and Chevrolet models with eAssist fuel-saving technology.

June 2011 – $49 million

·         Investment for tooling and equipment to produce components for an 8-speed transmission and small engine program

April 2010 – $111 Million

·         Investment for addition of semi-permanent mold cylinder head casting line for V6 and V8 engines.  Expansion of newer precision sand casting technology needed to support the newer, more efficient engines in GM’s product portfolio.

2006/2007 - $114 Million

·         Die cast investment

Products & Production

Transmission Casings, Converter Housings and Small Gas engine blocks


2013 – Recognized with a resolution by the Indiana State House of Representatives for being a Die Casting Center of Expertise

2008, 2009 & 2011 – Indiana Partners for Pollution Prevention

2013 – Professional Manager’s Network Best of Best

2014 – People Make Quality Happen Best of Best

Community Involvement

Economic Impact:

  • December 16, 2013 investment announcement - 22 new or retained jobs for the 10 speed transmission and 18 new or retained jobs for the 6 speed transmission; a total of 40 new or retained jobs.
  • Wages: $37,122,262
  • Payroll Taxes: $7,801,160

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