Wentzville Assembly


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1500 East Route A
Wentzville, MO. 63385 United States

Year Opened:

1983-Assembly; 1997-Stamping

Facility Size:

3.7 Million square feet

Employee Information







Union Local:

UAW Local 2250

Facility Details

Facilities: Vehicle Assembly Plant & Contiguous Stamping Facility

Site History: The General Motors Truck Group Wentzville facility is located 40 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri on a 569-acre site.  The facility was built in 1983 on a wheat field. The current facility employs approximately 1,300 employees that work over two shifts. In addition, Wentzville has a contiguous stamping facility on site that produces the majority of the body parts that are used in the production of the Chevy Express and GMC Savana full size vans.  The Wentzville Assembly Center is the global production site for the Full Size Van.  To date, over 2.15 million Full Size Vans have been produced at Wentzville Assembly.


  • $120 Million invested in new Stamping Facility
  • $150 Million invested in 2003 Model Year Full Size Van Retooling
  • $30 Million invested in Stamping Facility press upgrade

Products & Production

Product Applications: Full Size van commercial and retail


  • Full Size Van
  • GMC Savana & Chevrolet Express

2010 CY Production Total:

  • Model: GMC Savana              77,613
  • Model: Chevrolet Express      19,494


  • 2007 & 2008 State of Missouri Gold Award-Water Conservation
  • 2003-2008-Harbour Report-Most Productive Full Size Van Facility

Community Involvement

Economic Impact:

  • Wages: $104,050,314
  • Payroll Taxes: $20,415,026
  • Property Taxes: $2,782,395

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