Flint Assembly


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G 3100 Vanslyke Road
Flint, Michigan. 48551 United States

Year Opened:


Facility Size:

3.7 million on 159 acres

Employee Information







Union Local:

UAW Local 598

Facility Details

  • Amy Farmer (complex director for Assembly and Flint Metal Center)

Plant Milestones

13 million vehicles (9 million trucks and 4 million cars) produced since 1947. Milestone reached Sept. 30, 2010.


  • December 16, 2013 - GM will invest $600 million in Flint Assembly for facility upgrades, including construction of a new paint shop. Flint will be the third new paint facility in North America (Orion and Fairfax) to use an environmentally friendly wet-coat paint process. Site work began in January 2014 with the facility groundbreaking in March 2014. The facility will be completed in 2016 with the first units scheduled to be painted in October 2016.

With this announcement, GM’s total investment in Flint Assembly is $958 million since 2009.

 Project details: Paint shop facts

  • 596,000-square-foot building located on land south of Flint Assembly
  • The project will require approximately 1 million construction man hours
  •  Full production is scheduled for third quarter 2016

Paint shop environmental facts

  • 90 percent reduction in sludge to landfill
  • Facility will use 20 percent less gas and 40 percent less electricity
  • Improved air management
  • Energy Star rated (contingent on meeting all requirements)

Paint quality facts

  • Latest Waterborne Integrated Process (3 Wet) Topcoat System
  • First class appearance
  • Improved sealers and coatings to increase corrosion resistance

Other projects

  • Various energy conservation projects to reduce plant’s carbon footprint
  • Upgrading conveyor system

Plant Manager Quote: “This investment signifies a commitment to the men and women of Flint Assembly and their dedication to build the best trucks on the road. Without the support of this team, including the leadership of UAW Local 598, we would not have seen GM pump nearly $1 billion into this facility.”

- Amy Farmer, Flint Assembly plant manager

  • $328 million (2011) – Next generation truck
  • $6.5 million (2010) – Additional Light-Duty investment and insourcing of kitting and sequencing work
  • $21 million (2009) – Relocating Light-Duty truck from Mexico to Flint
  • $3.0 million (2008) – Facility upgrades / production enhancements for Heavy Duty Line
  • $4.5 million (2008) – Heavy Duty Paint Shop automation update

Products & Production

  • Heavy-Duty Chevrolet and GMC Sierra Crew and Regular Cab Trucks; capable of producing Light-Duty Chevrolet Silverado Crew and Regular Cab Trucks.


  • 2012-2013 – Flint Assembly was awarded the Neighborhood Environmental Partners Program Award for its outstanding commitment to community based environmental projects.
  • 2011 Motor Trend Truck of the Year – Chevrolet Silverado HD
  • 2007 – J.D. Power Best In Segment – Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty Classic
  • 2006 – UAW-GM Health & Safety Audit – Zero “Needs Improvement” score five consecutive years (GM Internal)
  • 2006 – J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Award – Chevrolet Medium Duty
  • 2005 – J.D. Power Best In Segment – GMC Sierra Heavy Duty

Community Involvement

Economic Impact:

  • Wages: $237 million (2013)
  • Payroll Taxes: $46 million (2013)

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