Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

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Fact file: Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

Rugged sophistication

  • Colorado Rally Concept builds on Chevrolet's strong truck heritage

First revealed at the Buenos Aires International Auto Show in June 2011, the double-cab Colorado Rally Concept communicates strength through every square centimeter of its bodywork. It aims to deliver maximum authenticity and was designed with a rally raid category in mind.

With its wide, confident posture, 18-inch aluminum wheels with mud terrain tires, a height-adjustable (up to 50 mm) suspension system and Fox Racing Shox shocks (travel distance: 140 mm), the second show version of the Colorado midsize pickup truck communicates durability and performance. The first Colorado show truck was unveiled at the Bangkok Motor Show in April this year and is powered by a 2.8-liter turbo-diesel engine.

Large headlamps with LED lighting elements, Chevrolet's signature dual-port grille, a carefully sculpted hood and muscular fiberglass fenders define the Colorado's front appearance. Two additional lights let into the front edge of the roof and into the side mirrors, acrylic rally-car windows with air inlets and front and rear tow hooks underscore the car's off-road credentials. Two 5.5 hp winches have been incorporated into its front and rear bumpers.

While the Colorado's bodywork is painted with a triple coat of pearl white and sprinkles of 'golden' particles, its roof and bumpers, the stylized roll-bar as well as the inside of its load bay, which carries a spare tire and tool boxes, are made of charcoal-colored plastic. The decklid has two large openings for improved aerodynamic performance and a better rear view. Other details include the exposed fuel cap and, of course, the Chevy bowtie that is proudly emblazoned on the front and the decklid.

Inside, designers focused on ergonomics, safety and functionality. A dark, ash-grey color dominates the interior, which contrasts nicely with the silver painted roll cage and other metal details. The occupants sit in neoprene-lined seats with orange stitching whereas the upper instrument panel is made of textured leather.

A high-performance steering wheel designed for aggressive handling helps the driver navigate the truck through rough terrain. It features integrated LEDs that function as a quick display tachometer. Direction-finding assistance is provided by a satellite navigation system positioned in front of the navigator. The Colorado's five-point seatbelts are directly attached to the roll cage. Meanwhile, a dedicated fire-extinguishing system ensures that any fire in the passenger cabin and the engine compartment is quickly brought under control.

Further interior highlights include:

  • A master switch that is integrated to the center stack. It has two key functions: starting the engine and disconnecting every system in the vehicle, in case of an emergency.
  • An "air boost" system that quickly cleans the cabin after the car has entered a dust cloud during an off-road chase.
  • A hydration pack positioned behind each seat. A food solution is delivered to the occupants through a small tube.

Chevrolet Colorado Rally Concept

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