Germany’s Best: Opel Meriva Wins TÜV Gold Certificate


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  • TÜV general inspections prove: No other passenger car has fewer defects
  • Good results: Astra, Agila and Insignia also convince TÜV inspectors

Rüsselsheim.  This Opel means a lot of space and very few defects. When Meriva drivers take their Opel to a TÜV (German Technical Inspection Agency) general inspection, then they can count on their car. No doubt about it. Because the Meriva will pass the inspection with flying colors. This is confirmed in the new TÜV Report 2014, which also announces that its experts have named the Opel Meriva the car with the lowest defect rate (‘defects dwarf’) and awarded it the TÜV Gold Certificate.

With publication of the TÜV Report in tomorrow’s Auto Bild, the trade magazine applauds, “Opel is back. And how! The Hessians have a real winner with the Meriva.”

With a mini defect rate of 4.2 percent, the compact van is winner in the two to three-year-old cars category, beating strong rivals from Mazda (4.6 percent), Toyota (4.8), Porsche (5.2) and BMW (5.5) tied with Audi (places two to five). This excellent result is not achieved by any other vehicle in the entire TÜV Report and gives the Meriva the overall victory among all inspected passenger cars in Germany.

“The Meriva is a typical Opel. With its extremely flexible and ergonomically perfectly designed interior, it is a real winner. This year it already won in its class in the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey, and now it adds the TÜV Gold Certificate to its accolades. Our well-known slogan ‘Opel the Reliable’ is once again right on the mark here,” says Thomas Simon, Vice President Quality at Opel, adding, “In January our new Meriva will be available with the economical whisper diesel engine, modern infotainment and lots of chic chrome. Our small van is going to make sure we have many happy and satisfied customers.”

In addition to the Meriva, three more Opel models were named “defects dwarf” and made it into the top 50 of the two and three-year-old cars category: Astra, Agila and Insignia all landed in the top sector of the TÜV evaluation.

Ranked 16, the Astra even came in seven places ahead of its arch-rival, the VW Golf (23).

TÜV inspected a total of nearly eight million vehicles within one year.

Opel Meriva

Short on defects: During the main inspection of the technical standards organization, the TÜV, the Opel Meriva convinces with the lowest defect rate of all cars in Germany. The commencement of Meriva sales will begin in January. (Photo)

Opel Meriva

Grand: With a very low defect rate of 4.2 percent, the Opel Meriva makes it to the top and receives the golden badge of the technical standards organization, the TÜV. The monocab convinces with its flexible interior cabin and clever FlexDoors concept.