Opel Insignia

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Opel Insignia: Always On the Move to Keep Its Edge

Rüsselsheim.  When the Insignia hit the streets in 2008, it turned heads. Market analysis and customer surveys show why: It is a car with a sophisticated, elegant yet sporty design and exceptional technologies that customers value and use – and at an affordable price.

No wonder, then, that the Insignia and its three models – hatchback, sedan and Sports Tourer – have racked up more than 40 awards. Customers have confirmed expert opinions by making the Insignia either the best-selling or second best-selling mid-segment car in 11 countries. All models benefit from the innovative technologies which have made the Insignia the 2009 Car of the Year. The Insignia’s newly developed mechatronic chassis can be enhanced with the innovative FlexRide system which raises stability and provides real time, electronically controlled damping.

To further boost the competitive position of the Insignia, Opel is continually developing and improving this flagship model line. The ecoFLEX Insignia models have undergone a series of technical improvements that result in a five percent reduction in combined cycle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions The German brand has also coupled its optional Adaptive 4x4 with a 2-liter 160 hp CDTI, making it the first Opel passenger car to link a powerful yet efficient diesel with the innovative segment-leading technology of an adaptive all-wheel drive system.
Moreover, engineers have made refinements on all diesel engines to improve the noise and vibrations, thereby keeping the interior quiet and enhancing the interior acoustics. The changes target betterment in both mechanical and combustion noise. The diesel offer is in addition to the 2-liter 220 hp gasoline turbo with Adaptive 4x4 that has been part of the powertrain line-up since launch. Both engines offer high performance without breaking the fuel budget. The 4x4 is standard on the 2.8 V6, 260 hp Turbo and OPC models.