Range of over 500 Kilometers: Opel Ampera-e World Premiere in Paris


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Opel Ampera-e

  • Really far: Ampera-e with best electric range according to NEDC in segment
  • First-class connectivity: New Zafira and MOKKA X with IntelliLink and Opel OnStar
  • Real off-road character: Small KARL ROCKS with great SUV look
  • Exclusive special model: Cascada Supreme captivates with sharp design

Rüsselsheim/Paris.  This world premiere is simply electrifying: Opel will revolutionize electric mobility at this year’s Paris Motor Show with the Ampera-e. From October 1-16, the new electric car makes its first major appearance in hall 5-2, booth 501. The superstar of the show offers a range of over 500 kilometers (electric range, measured based on the NEDC in kilometers: >500, preliminary figures), 100 kilometers more than its rivals in the segment, and it also impressively shows how well sustainability and driving fun can create a harmonious unit. Other highlights from the Rüsselsheim-based automaker at the “Mondial de l'Automobile 2016” include the adventurous MOKKA X and the new Zafira – the fully connected lounge on wheels. Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann will also reveal two further stars of the show in the KARL ROCKS and the sporty, elegant special model Cascada Supreme.

“With the new Ampera-e, we continue the largest model offensive in the history of our company,” says Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “Our show exhibit clearly shows the direction of development: the Ampera-e with its outstanding range proves that electric mobility is fully feasible for everyday use and is also lots of fun. The models MOKKA X, Zafira and KARL ROCKS expand our portfolio with the ideal touch of adventure and individuality.”

E like extreme acceleration: Ampera-e with power of a sports car

The maximum torque of 360 Nm is responsible for the electrifying temperament of the new Opel. The performance of the electric engine is equivalent to 150 kW/204 hp. Effortless starts from a standing position (such as at traffic lights) or highway access are two of the Opel Ampera-e’s main strengths. The compact electric car covers the sprint from zero to 50 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, a value on par with sportscars. In addition, it completes mid-range acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h, which is especially important for overtaking, in just 4.5 seconds (provisional figures). The Ampera-e thus performs at the same level as OPC models, Opel’s sporty spearheads.

In addition, the efficient packaging of the large capacity batteries also enables a roomy interior providing comfortable seating for up to five passengers and trunk space comparable with that of a five-door car in the compact class. In typical Opel fashion, its generous spaciousness comes with the best in digital connectivity. The Ampera-e has the newest generation of IntelliLink infotainment, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as Opel OnStar onboard (where available).

A real adventure with X Factor: The Opel MOKKA X

Another shining star in Paris is the new Opel MOKKA X. The compact SUV is wider and has a more solid and masculine stance than its successful predecessor – it has everything it takes to become an absolute customer favorite. The sporty, robust SUV turns heads with its newly designed front while its interior impresses with its functional and neatly arranged instrument panel. It looks both simpler and purer, as well as sharper and more precise in its execution. MOKKA X drivers can choose between various state-of-the-art versions of the new generation of the IntelliLink infotainment system; in addition, there is top connectivity with Opel OnStar. Another one of the MOKKA X’s highlights is its superb optional adaptive 4x4 drive system with electronic, multi-disk clutch. It can seamlessly distribute power between the front and rear axle from 100:0 to 50:50. This increases safety, optimizes fuel economy and significantly boosts driving pleasure.

Lounge on wheels with top connectivity: Opel Zafira in new look

Visitors to the Opel booth can also get an up-close look at all the new Zafira’s stand-out qualities. The lounge on wheels doesn’t just rely on the tried and true qualities of its predecessor such as the Flex7® seating system, the AGR-certified ergonomic front seats (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. – Campaign for Healthier Backs), the FlexFix® bicycle carrier and the adaptive FlexRide chassis. The new Zafira also features a new, bold exterior design and a re-designed interior with an especially spacious ambience and superb connectivity. Depending on the end device, Opel’s newest-generation IntelliLink infotainment system is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And for the first time in this vehicle class, Opel offers the latest-generation Adaptive Forward Lighting AFL with LED technology as an option. This all makes the new Zafira a comfortable travelling lounge for driver and passengers.

Ready for the urban jungle: The Opel KARL ROCKS

Opel unveils the KARL ROCKS in Paris as a special attraction for all urbanites. Opel’s new wild child features many characteristics of a true SUV and shares many virtues connected with this vehicle class such as an elevated seating position that enables better visibility, easier access to the cabin and an outstanding connectivity offer. Its rugged exterior features silver roof rails, robust front and rear bumpers with integrated skid plates, black front and rear wheelhouse moldings and unique 15-inch bi-color look alloy wheels. Furthermore, the new Opel KARL ROCKS maintains the unquestionable practicality of the Opel KARL with five doors, five seats, compact dimensions and a maximum trunk space over 1,000 liters up to the roof making it the ideal vehicle for a broad audience of city dwellers.

Black beauty: The Opel Cascada Supreme

The new Cascada Supreme – an all-season convertible with extra flair – will also be in the spotlight at the Opel booth. Every detail and every shade of color of the special model is finely matched. Soon the four-seat convertible can be ordered either in “Pull Me Over Red”, “Summit White” or “Black Meet Kettle”. The black grille, black mirrors and the two-tone glossy-black 20-inch alloy wheels uniquely accent these three exterior colors. Inspired by the glowing red signature line of Opel‘s futuristic design study, the GT Concept, the seams of the seat fabrics and the door and cockpit trims are accented in sporty red.

Opel at Paris Motor Show 2016

Range of over 500 Kilometers: Opel Ampera-e World Premiere in Paris

This world premiere is simply electrifying: Opel will revolutionize electric mobility at this year’s Paris Motor Show with the Ampera-e. From October 1-16, the new electric car makes its first major appearance in hall 5-2, booth 501...

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