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16th Classic Car Event in Rüsselsheim: Welcome to Opel’s Back Garden


Rüsselsheim. The classic car event at the Opel Villas in Rüsselsheim has itself become a classic event. The 16th edition of the classic car event will take place from 9.00 to 16.00CET on Sunday, June 26...

Rallye Hessen-Thüringen: Opel Shines with Convertible Heritage


Rüsselsheim. Opel took a “topless” approach to the 22nd ADAC Opel Classic Hessen-Thüringen. Five classic and one current convertibles presented 100 years of convertible tradition made in Rüsselsheim over the course of the last two days...

Strong Opel Display at the Bodensee-Klassik


Rüsselsheim. Actor Benjamin Sadler in an Opel GT, Vice President Sales & Aftersales Peter Christian Küspert also in a GT and touring car legend Joachim Winkelhock at the steering wheel of Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann’s perfectly restored personal GT...

New Opel Astra Sports Tourer: Successful Station Wagon Rich in Tradition


Rüsselsheim. Over 24 million Opel Kadett and Opel Astra cars sold is an impressive number and a notable achievement. Lined up one behind the other, all Opel compact models built so far would surpass the magical 100,000-kilometer mark ...

Full Schedule: Opel Brings GT, Commodore, Rekord, Kadett and Well-known Drivers to the Bodensee-Klassik


Rüsselsheim. From May 5 to 7, the Bodensee-Klassik will take classic car drivers to the nicest corners of Austria and southern Germany...

Fasten your Seatbelt: Buckling up Became Law in Germany 40 Years ago


Rüsselsheim. Once upon a time, seatbelts used to face a lot of opposition but now they are acknowledged as life-savers. In the European Union it became compulsory to wear a seatbelt in 1993 but legislation already existed in many individual countries before then...

Great Tradition: Techno Classica under the spell of the Opel GT


Rüsselsheim/Essen. The legendary Opel GT weaves its magic again at this year’s Techno Classica in Essen (April 6-10). Alongside the original GT sports car of the late nineteen-sixties and seventies, the futuristic GT Concept – the star of this year’s Geneva International Motor Show – will celebrate its German public debut...

Opel Delights Visitors of 43rd Oldtimer Grand Prix


Rüsselsheim/Nürburg. The visitors of the Opel exhibition at the 43rd Oldtimer Grand Prix and the fans along the Nürburgring race circuit really got their money’s worth. Numerous Opel legends from the company’s 115 years of motorsport history were exhibited and thundered round the track on their demonstration laps ...

Legendary Cast: Opel Racing Stars at Oldtimer Grand Prix


Rüsselsheim. Opel’s motorsport heritage will come alive again at the 43rd AvD (Automobilclub von Deutschland) Oldtimer Grand Prix (August 7 - 9) on the Nürburgring. The Rüsselsheim carmaker will present rallye cars spanning 50 years, plus pre-WWI ...

Kadett B Celebrates 50th Birthday: “Opel Kadett. Das Auto“


Rüsselsheim. B follows A, and in 1965 the new series Kadett B replaced its successful predecessor, the Kadett A. The successor to the first post-war Kadett was 18 centimeters longer, exceeding four meters in length and was available in three body versions right from ...

New Opel Astra: Innovation Star with Rich Tradition


Rüsselsheim. Over 24 million Opel Kadett and Opel Astra cars sold is an impressive number and a notable achievement. Lined up one behind the other, all Opel compact models built so far would surpass the magical 100,000-kilometer mark and create a column of cars that could circle the equator two and a half times ...

Bodensee Klassik: Opel CEO Neumann enters with Diplomat V8 Coupé


Rüsselsheim. Opel will be present with some very special car when the fourth Bodensee Klassik starts in front of the festival hall in Bregenz, Austria at 14.00 CET on May 7. Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann will also be in the field with his very own Diplomat A V8 Coupé ...

Opel at Techno Classica 2015 – Design as a Brand Value


Rüsselsheim/Essen. Opel showcases ten design icons and concept cars at this year’s Techno Classica in Essen (15.-19.04.) ...

15 Years of OPC Models: The Opel Sports Cars for the Road


Rüsselsheim. At Opel exceptional athletes receive an abbreviation – OPC. Exactly 15 years ago, the first production model from the Opel Performance Center hit the roads ...

40 years of Opel Safety Vehicle: The safe route from Kadett C to Astra J


Rüsselsheim. „Don’t start without a seatbelt“, was the slogan of a campaign launched in Germany in 1974 to persuade drivers to wear seatbelts. Two years later, wearing seatbelts became compulsory and in 1984 fines for not wearing them were introduced ...

50 Years of Innovation: Opel Design Studio First of its Kind in Europe


Rüsselsheim. 1964 was a year of Olympic Games – the XI Winter Games were opened in Innsbruck, and just a few months later, the Olympic flame burned at the XVIII Summer Games in Tokyo ...

Techno Classica: Opel Celebrates 50th Anniversary of KAD Models


Rüsselsheim/Essen. KAD – this acronym defined Opel‘s upper class range in the 1960s and 1970s. The tradition-rich brand celebrates the anniversary of its ‘Big Three’ at the 26th Techno Classica in Essen (March 26 - 30) ...

Opel’s Big Three: 50th Anniversary for Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat


Rüsselsheim/Essen. KAD – this acronym is not only familiar to Opel brand enthusiasts. In the 1960s and 70s, Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat were ‘The Big Three’ vehicles that defined Opel’s upper class range ...

Opel four-valve engines look back on 100-year tradition


Rüsselsheim. The all-new turbocharged 1.6-liter gasoline and diesel engines which began the current renewal of Opel’s powertrain portfolio, and the compact 1.0 three-cylinder turbo that made its world premiere at the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show ...

25 Years Ago the First Opel Vectra Modernized the Mid-size Class


Everything about the Opel Vectra was new when it hit the streets in the fall of 1988 – exactly 25 years ago: the name, the shape and the technology it encapsulated. Opel’s new mid-size model had a tough act to follow in replacing the successful Ascona ...


Opel Monza GSE Shines at IAA Special Exhibit The Stars from 1983


Rüsselsheim/Frankfurt. The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) will hold a special exhibition of classic cars at the Frankfurt International Motor Show from September 12 – 22 ...

Captain Karl-Thomas Neumann Takes Opel Kapitän on Special Voyage


Rüsselsheim. Opel's "KAD" models are legendary. With the Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat, the German automaker defined the automotive premium class from 1964 to 1977 ...

Opel Brings its Winners to the Oldtimer Grand Prix


Opel will put on quite a show for the 60,000 spectators expected at the 41st AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix on the Nürburgring. When the crème de la crème of vintage car racing comes together this weekend ...

IAA Legends: Back to the Future with Visionary Opel Concept Cars


Rüsselsheim. The trend-setting Opel Monza Concept makes its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) from September 12 – 22, 2013. The visionary concept car at the Opel stand in Hall 8 shows what people can expect from the Rüsselsheim automaker in the future ...

“Opel the Reliable“: From Gasoline Wagon to Astra Sports Tourer


Rüsselsheim. The terms Opel and reliability are intrinsically tied to one another. In its recent 12/2013 issue, the respected trade journal auto motor und sport declared “Opel, the most reliable“ ...

Opel Cabrio Glamor at the Techno Classica Essen


Essen/Rüsselsheim. With 14 cars spanning more than 100 years of car manufacturing, Opel exhibits a selection of its most popular convertibles at this year’s Techno Classica in Essen, Germany from April 10-14 ...

Let the Sun Shine in – the Story of Opel Convertibles


Essen/Rüsselsheim. With thirteen cars spanning more than 100 years of car manufacturing, Opel exhibits a selection of its most popular convertibles at this year’s Techno Classica ...

Happy Birthday! Opel Corsa Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary


Rüsselsheim. The Opel Corsa is celebrating its 30th birthday on August 30. The production of the first generation Corsa started in 1982 at the Figueruelas plant in Zaragoza, Spain, which was founded for Opel´s first modern, small car ...

Getting better all the time: 50 years of Opel compact sedans


Rüsselsheim. In 1962 the Opel Kadett A is launched. It lays the foundations for the modern compact segment of Germany during its economic boom years. It also makes mobility affordable to a growing middle class ...

Opel Embraces Luxury – 75 Years Super 6 and Admiral


Rüsselsheim. At the 1937 Berlin Car and Motorcycle Exhibition Opel presents two new models with groundbreaking technology: the Super 6 and the Admiral. Both are equipped with advanced technology ...

Opel Rekord D: A Millionaire Hits 40


Rüsselsheim. Forty years ago the new Rekord was making the headlines at Opel. The most recent generation of the successful Rüsselsheim-built mid-size vehicle is presented to the press in January 1972 with advanced technology ...

Opel Celebrates 150th anniversary


Rüsselsheim. At midnight on New Year’s Eve, Opel employees will not just be raising their glasses to the New Year but will be toasting the start of the 150th anniversary year of Opel ...

Opel compact class: 75-year-old success story


Rüsselsheim. The story of the five-door Astra, the Sports Tourer and the GTC started exactly 75 years ago as a humble beginning ...

Tough Tests Have Long Tradition at Opel


Rüsselsheim. Before new car models are launched today, their prototypes cover thousands of kilometers under the toughest conditions, many of them on specially constructed test tracks ...

Anja Kleyboldt Receives Rising Stars Award 2011


Cologne/Kaiserslautern. This evening the director of the Opel Kaiserslautern plant, Anja Kleyboldt, will accept the Rising Stars Award in Cologne ...

Opel Manta and Ascona A Turn 40


Rüsselsheim. Opel has long mastered the art of turning niche products into successful high-volume models ...

Satisfying All Tastes: 50th Anniversary of the Opel Rekord P2


One car, four variants. No other model line in the mid-size class at the start of the 60’s was as diverse ...

How Opel pioneered – and continues to perfect – the station wagon


Rüsselsheim. The coming premiere of Opel’s new compact wagon, the Astra Sports Tourer ...

The Insignia of the 1950s: Opel Kapitän Celebrates Anniversary


Rüsselsheim. In the fall of 1959, the new Opel Kapitän (known internally as the Kapitän P2 2.6-liter) rolled off the production line in Rüsselsheim for the first time ...

Rediscovered after 70 Years: Opel Kadett Roadster


Rüsselsheim. With an automotive history spanning 110 years, Opel is one of the most tradition-rich brands in the industry. Over so many years, some developments are forgotten along the way ...

Re-discover the Spirit of Tradition with Opel


Rüsselsheim. 110 years after the first Opel car was built, the brand is showcasing its origins in a wide array of activities. The company’s long and rich tradition, filled with innovations, is spotlighted ...

Opel works with Royal College of Art students to design future mobility


London/Rüsselsheim. In celebration of the 40th year of the UK’s Royal College of Art (RCA) Vehicle Design course, Opel is sponsoring a competition for students. Their task: Design what the future ...

Wolfgang Scholz to head Opel Classic


Rüsselsheim. Wolfgang Scholz (56) has been named the new head of Opel Classic, the brand’s collection of historic cars. In addition to his current duties in product communication for ...

110 YEARS OF OPEL AUTOMOBILE INNOVATION: Hans H. Demant meets with Adam Opel


Hans H. Demant: Opel is celebrating 110 years of automobile innovation in 2009. But you Adam started much earlier, in 1862, building sewing machines. What’s the ...

80th Anniversary of Fritz von Opel’s Record-Setting RAK 2 Ride


Rüsselsheim. Before the eyes of 3000 invited guests, the rocket age began May 23, 1928 at Berlin’s AVUS race track ...

Rekord P1 and Astra GTC: 50 Years of Dream Cars with Panorama View


Rüsselsheim. In the mid-1950s the German economic miracle was in full swing and industry was booming – and with it automobile production. Exactly half a century ago, in 1957, a new mid-size class model from Opel, the Olympia Rekord P1, made its premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt ...


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