Manfred Gellrich

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Plant Director Bochum, Germany

Manfred Gellrich was named Plant Director of the Opel plant in Bochum on February 1, 2010.  Born in 1962 in Celle, Lower Saxony, Gellrich is a graduate of mechanical engineering.  Prior to his studies, he trained as a mechanic.

In 1992, Manfred Gellrich began his career at Opel.  Since then, the mechanical engineer worked as an executive in various assignments in the plants Rüsselsheim and Eisenach, including as manger of the body work and paint shop of the Rüsselsheim plant.  In June 2006 Gellrich was named manufacturing plant manager and deputy director in Bochum.  He was involved in a leading position in the restructuring, thus improving significantly the competitiveness of the plant.

Manfred Gellrich is married and has one son and one daughter.  In his spare time the car man rides motorbike and attends football games.