Chevrolet Orlando

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Fact file: Chevrolet Orlando

Function with attitude

  • Segment: MPV/family van

Orlando combines fuel efficiency, seven-seater practicality and interior flexibility with string crossover-style design, making it a true family car for the times.

The Orlando's vehicle architecture is based on Chevrolet's successful and award-winning Cruze sedan. Under the hood, there is a choice of three fuel-efficient engines: A 1.4L turbocharged gasoline engine with Start/Stop, which produces 140 hp and 200 Nm of torque, a 1.8L gasoline engine mustering 141 hp, and a 2.0L diesel engine, available with an output of either 131 hp or 163 hp. The 2.0L diesel engine comes with standard Start/Stop functionality in most European markets, for reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Chevrolet's compact MPV adopts a bold look with its crossover-inspired silhouette while retaining the distinctive and recognizable Chevrolet 'face' depicted by the split radiator grille.

The interior features typical Chevrolet design cues, from the signature dual cockpit and ambient blue backlighting to the center console. Thanks to the wide variety of seating configurations possible, the Orlando can be quickly transformed into one of the most voluminous vans in the class when it comes to carrying loads.

Every available space of the interior was taken up to provide ample storage space – in a range of compartments of different shapes and sizes situated in the center console, front and rear doors, rear cargo area and even the roof – to safely hold all the bottles, bags, newspaper, equipment, tools, boxes or anything else that makes its way into the car. Buyers of the model year 2013 Orlando benefit from even greater storage flexibility thanks to the flat folding front passenger seat.

Perhaps the most ingenious storage area is hidden behind front faceplate of the audio, and within easy reach of the both the driver and passenger. The space is large enough to hold items such as an MP3 player, sunglasses and wallets. A USB port – ideal for re-charging an MP3 player or iPod when on the move – has also been included. The Orlando can be equipped with a rear view camera.

Seamless smartphone integration is possible with the new, icon-based Chevrolet MyLink connected radio with its seven-inch high-resolution full-color touch screen. The new radio is standard, and depending on the trim level, the package may include a rearview camera and an integrated navigation system.

The Orlando received Euro NCAP's top five-star rating in 2011. All vehicles come with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), six airbags, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and power-adjustable mirrors as standard. The Orlando is available with Side Blind Spot Alert and Advanced Parking Aid. The former has ultrasonic sensors to detect approaching vehicles in the blind spot and warns the driver through an illuminated icon in the outside rearview mirrors. The Advanced Parking Aid system identifies suitable parallel parking slots at low speeds and gives the driver instructions on how to steer the vehicle.

Chevrolet continues to provide warranty, service and parts through its service network to all existing and new Orlando owners beyond 2015. Parts are expected to be available for a minimum of 10 years after the original sale of a new car.

Status: January 2014

Technical Data

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