Ken Parkinson

Executive Director, Global Chevrolet and GMC Design

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Ken Parkinson was named Executive Director, Global Chevrolet and GMC Design, on August 1, 2012. He has acted as the "Brand Champion" for Chevrolet since August 1, 2011.

Ken began his career at General Motors in July of that same year as an associate creative designer. Subsequently he has worked on a variety of GM products; cars to trucks, exteriors to interiors.

Born on September 8, 1962 in Cedar City, Utah, U.S.A., Ken grew up in Salt Lake City. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in transportation design from Brigham Young University in 1989.

Previously, Ken led the teams responsible for creating the production version of the Pontiac Solstice, the Saturn Aura, and the Saturn Sky, among others.

Ken also spent 3 years in Japan leading design projects with various GM partners.

From 2004-2007, Ken served as Executive Director of Design for Body-on-Frame Architectures. In this capacity Ken oversaw the ongoing work in the Full-size Truck, Hummer, Midsize BFI utility, and Specialty Car studios.

Parkinson subsequently spent more than four years as the Vice President of GMIO Design, headquartered in Shanghai, China. In this role, he had responsibility for GM's Design efforts in the GMIO region with focus on growing and developing the company's presence in China and India.

In August 2011, Parkinson became Executive Director, North American Exterior Design and Architecture Strategy. As part of that role, he also became the "Brand Champion" for Chevrolet.



Ken Parkinson

Executive Director, Global Chevrolet and GMC Design


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