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Technologies for a better environment

Powertrain Strategy

Building off of the success of the award-winning Chevrolet Volt, electric range-extended vehicle, Chevrolet is continuing to produce environmentally-friendly technologies. In cooperation with GM's global network, Chevrolet is developing next-generation hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles such as the HydroGen4. 2014 will see the launch of the Spark EV, a zero-emission mini car that is anticipated to set a benchmark in performance for an urban city electric car and is powered by the most advanced electric motor and battery system General Motors has ever built.

Chevrolet Europe also offers LPG-variants (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) on Spark, Aveo, Cruze and Orlando in the following markets: Italy, Portugal, Poland, and The Netherlands.

Chevrolet will continue to invest in fuel economy and emission improvements for engines and transmissions through initiatives such as the down-sizing and turbo-charging of engines.

Video: How the Chevrolet Volt works

Environmental Management

GM is promoting environmental management not only through its products but throughout its operations. Globally, more than half of GM's manufacturing facilities, or a total of 85,that have earned the landfill-free designation by recycling, reusing or converting to energy all wastes from daily operations. It ensures compliance with all environmental regulations, conservation of resources and a continued reduction in pollutants by recycling or reusing on average 97 percent of the waste generated from everyday manufacturing operations at these plants, and converting 3% to energy.

GM houses 33MW of solar power at seven facilities and hosts two of the five largest rooftop solar arrays in the world. Among GM's solar-powered facilities is the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, the home of the Chevrolet Volt electric car.

GM's Environmental Management System shows a firm commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection. GM has set targets for improvement in five areas: water quality, air quality, waste, toxic substances and energy. It keeps track of its operations' performance and improvement against these targets and is working to achieve 100 landfill-free manufacturing sites in the next decade.

Volt oil bomb recycling

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