Cadillac Imaj

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Cadillac Imaj - Study for a high tech luxury sedan

The Imaj concept was designed and built at the GM Concept Design Studio in Birmingham, England, by Concept Vehicle Design Director Simon Cox and his team. Assistance was provided by the North American Design Studio in Warren, Michigan. The Imaj was a real playground for those charged with upholding the "Science" part of the Cadillac mission. This car is simply packed with exciting, unprecedented technologies.

The brief for the Imaj was to design a vehicle more closely linked to Cadillac's roots: a spacious car that could be used as a chauffeur vehicle in the week, and as a real driver's car at the weekend. What resulted was an all-wheel drive, 4.2-liter supercharged V8-powered high tech ultra luxury sedan with an aluminum space frame construction.

The Northstar powertrain:

  • Longitudinal V8 with 4.2-liter capacity
  • 425 hp output at 6,400 rpm
  • Maximum torque of 542 Nm at 4,000 rpm.
  • Four camshafts with variable valve timing
  • Intercooler
  • New, light-weight five-speed automatic transmission
  • Electronic control of gear changes and power distribution
  • All-wheel drive

The "Forewarn" system - an intelligent safety feature - helps prevent collisions by providing a type of "electronic cocoon" around the vehicle. Radar and ultrasonic sensors detect objects in close proximity. They determine where other road users intend to go and monitor the "blind spot." Visual and audio warnings then alert the driver of the potential danger. Safety is further enhanced by three cameras that replace the rear and side mirrors, and Night Vision infrared technology. In the Imaj, the system also monitors the area behind the vehicle when reverse gear is engaged.

The dynamic, elegant exterior of the Imaj conceals a high-tech extruded aluminum space frame. Compared to an equivalent construction made of steel, it has a considerable weight advantage, boasts high levels of torsional stiffness and safety and has a positive effect on handling and driving properties. The space frame also gives additional visual effect, with certain parts visible.

The Imaj is fitted with the further enhanced Cadillac Infotainment system;

  • Compact Flash memory cards
  • Two large LCD displays in the rear
  • A DVD drive
  • Office applications.

In a similar way to Night Vision's head-up display, the innovative "EyeCue" system can display a variety of vehicle information. The system allows the driver to view important data without taking his eye off the road. All these technologies in the Imaj can be actuated at the touch of a finger; a special "e-lock" security system opens and locks the vehicle using fingerprint recognition.

Cadillac Imaj

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