Cadillac Evoq

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Cadillac Evoq - Roadster study almost ready for production

The Cadillac Evoq - the first representative of the new "Art & Science" philosophy - celebrated its world premiere at the 1999 Detroit Motor Show. The innovative two-seater, on which the production model of the luxury roadster heralded in August 2000 is based, fuses progressive design with pioneering powertrain and information technology.

The design elements for future Cadillac models are evident in the Evoq's striking attributes. Among these are:

  • Headlamps and rear lights in vertical format
  • A pronounced wedge form
  • A sharply tapering front
  • The typical egg-crate Cadillac grille

The modified brand emblem debuting here also reflects the new design line. The roadster has a deliberately minimalist appearance according to the motto "less is more." This includes the complete elimination of door handles, made possible by a no-key entry system. Among the technical highlights is a three-part hard top that retracts completely at the touch of a button. The Evoq interior is clearly structured and driver-oriented, with a high-tech feel.

The Evoq's V8 turbo engine provides a sneak preview of Cadillac's next generation of Northstar powertrains:

  • 100 percent aluminum block with rear-wheel drive
  • 4.2-liter capacity
  • 302 kW/410 hp output at 6,400 rpm.
  • Maximum torque of 522 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

Technical highlights include a new kind of combined turbocharger and intercooler, on which Cadillac has patent pending, and a variable and especially low-friction valve control.

The Evoq's package of innovative equipment includes:

  • The highly advanced adaptive gearbox program "PAS" (Performance Algorithm Shifting)
  • The "Communiport" Infotainment center, including voice-operated navigation system
  • A head-up for displaying important data
  • A new wheel and tire combination with outstanding emergency qualities
  • The "Night Vision" infrared driving safety system.

In 1999 the Cadillac Evoq won the award "Best concept car" (Auto Week Magazine)

Cadillac Evoq

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