Cadillac CTS-V

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Cadillac CTS V-Series: Unrivaled Performance and Choice

  • Full three model line-up: Sedan, Coupe and Sport Wagon
  • World-class power and performance from supercharged V8 engine
  • Technically advanced chassis with world-leading Magnetic Ride Control
  • Signature Cadillac luxury features high-end equipment as standard

Zurich –  The Cadillac CTS V-Series now comprises a distinctive choice of Coupe, Sedan and Sport Wagon bodystyles, each designed to meet different customer requirements without compromising the pursuit of ultimate performance.

The three-model line-up encompasses the space and comfort of a sedan format, the flexibility and load-carrying capability of a wagon, and the stunning visual appeal of a 2+2 sports coupe. Each has its own individual character while sharing a technical architecture that makes them the fastest family of cars on the planet. They are potent proof of Cadillac’s resurgence as a global brand capable of world class design, technology and performance.

At the heart of every CTS V-Series is an awesome 415 kW/564 hp, supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine – the most powerful to be installed in a Cadillac – and advanced chassis technologies bred on the Nürburgring. With an impressive level of standard equipment, including many features which appear on the option lists of other manufacturers, V-Series cars also deliver signature Cadillac luxury.

Distinctive Looks

While exterior features give CTS-V models an imposing presence to reflect their awesome performance, the modifications are also functional. The unique, lower mesh grille, for example, doubles air intake capacity to meet the breathing and cooling requirements of the high performance engine. And that distinctive V-shaped bulge in the hood provides clearance for the supercharger. Re-profiled front and rear bumper moldings improve aerodynamic performance, as do the deep, flared side sills.

The CTS range is the cornerstone of the Cadillac product line-up. The crisp, ‘edgy’ styling characterizes Cadillac’s Art & Science design language which has helped to reinvigorate the brand. Signature features include the vertically stacked front and rear light housings, a dihedral-shaped hood and sculpted fenders.

With dramatic, wedge-like proportions, the CTS-V Coupe simply oozes style and excitement. Whilst it shares the same wheelbase as its sedan and wagon stable-mates, the Coupe is 41 mm wider and its overall height and length are both reduced by 51 mm. The rake of the windshield is increased to 62.3 degrees and the rear screen is almost horizontal. Its dynamic 2+2 shape is also underlined by bodywork which is flared to accommodate a 25 mm increase in the rear track.

In common with the regular CTS Coupe, touch-pad door opening removes the need for conventional door handles and contributes further to the clean exterior execution. Signature twin exhausts are centered within the rear bumper molding.

All models ride on 19-inch, ten-spoke alloy wheels, presented with a polished or painted finish. They are 9 inches wide at the front, 9.5 inches wide at the rear (10 inches for the coupe) and wrapped by high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires, specially developed for the CTS V-Series.

Premium, Driver-focused Cabin

The superb cabin is a command and control center suitably equipped to help the driver exploit the vehicle’s awesome performance. Recaro sports leather seating provides support and cosseting comfort. The front seats feature a 14-way powered adjustment, including pneumatic bolster controls for the cushions and backrests. They are upholstered with sueded and perforated microfiber inserts, and are both heated and ventilated as standard. The thick-rimmed steering wheel and gearshift have a similar high-grip finish.

Full color instrumentation is designed to provide at-a-glance reference during performance driving. Bold readouts include an LED ‘tracer’ function in the tachometer, which flashes as the engine nears the red line, and a G-meter which displays and logs the vehicle’s lateral acceleration.

Genuine hand stitching around the instrument panel, center console and door trim panels communicates premium quality, as does background lighting with LED spots and light tubes which endows the interior with a calming ambience. The integrated center stack and door trims are finished in an Obsidian black appliqué or real Midnight Sapele wood.

Leading-edge infotainment functions fitted as standard include: advanced navigation with a pop-up, high resolution LCD screen; Bose 5.1 digital surround audio through 10 speakers, voice control, and a 40 GB hard drive for a large library of music files. The system uploads via a USB port or the in-dash DVD/CD drive and allows stored tracks to be searched and selected through the radio controls.

Awesome Powerplant

The supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine pumps out 415 kW/564 hp at 6,100 rpm and generates a tidal wave of torque, culminating in 747 Nm at 3,800 rpm.

This all-aluminum powerhouse is the most powerful engine ever to carry Cadillac’s Wreath & Crest emblem. It catapults the Sedan and Coupe from rest to 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds flat, with the Sport Wagon taking only a tenth of a second more. 

The intercooled Eaton Twin Vortices Series™ supercharger employs twin four-lobe rotors, twisted at 160 degrees, compared to typical supercharger with three lobes twisted 60 degrees. The fourth lobe and added twist, when combined with unique air inlet and outlet ports, creates a smoother, more efficient airflow to the engine. In addition to improved overall efficiency, this advanced supercharger has superior noise and vibration characteristics compared to conventional designs.

Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a standard Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual gearbox with a dual-disc clutch, or an optional Hydra-Matic 6L90 six-speed automatic transmission complete with steering wheel-mounted paddles for manual shifting. A special control algorithm provides the automatic transmission with a sports-oriented shift pattern during sustained, high-performance driving.

Acceleration times are identical with either transmission, although top speed with the automatic option is 282 km/h, compared to 308 km/h for manual variants.

The high-performance rear axle features a limited-slip differential which distributes drive torque between the wheels to exploit every last ounce of available grip. It is fitted within a cast iron housing for strength and durability and includes a cooler to prevent heat build-up during high speed running. Asymmetrical drive shafts are also used to smoothly manage the huge torque loads. This unique design helps to dynamically balance the oscillation of torque from side to side, effectively eliminating ‘power hop’.

Sophisticated Chassis with Magnetic Ride Control

CTS V-Series vehicles have been thoroughly developed to handle and fully exploit their huge power. To optimize tire contact with the road for limpet-like grip, double wishbone front suspension is used with an independent, multi-link set-up at the rear.  Michelin worked closely with Cadillac engineers to develop the acclaimed Pilot Sport 2 tires.

Magnetic Ride Control, the world’s fastest-acting active suspension system, comes as standard. This sophisticated technology, pioneered by Cadillac, is only now becoming available on some other exclusive, high-performance cars.

Magnetic Ride Control uses dampers with magneto-rheological fluid technology, rather than variable valving, for rapid responses. Electronic wheel sensors ‘read’ the road every millisecond, enabling constant and almost instantaneous damper adjustments. The system’s secret is the magneto-rheological fluid inside the dampers, which dispenses with the need for traditional mechanical valves. Suspended in this fluid are tiny iron particles which respond to a variable electromagnetic charge and have the effect of altering its viscosity. The result is precise body control and exceptional stability during hard cornering, acceleration, braking and other dynamic maneuvers.

In all driving conditions Magnetic Ride Control allows a broad range of damping control to optimize both ride and handling. Two selectable modes – Tour and Sport – enable the driver to tailor the suspension for relaxed, grand touring comfort or more spirited, performance driving.

Stopping power is as awesome as the vehicle’s acceleration, thanks to a braking system developed in association with Brembo. Six-piston front calipers and four-piston rear calipers clasp huge ventilated discs, 380 mm (15-inch) in diameter up front and 373 mm (14.7-inch) at the rear. The front discs utilize ‘dual-cast’ technology, combining a cast-iron braking surface and an aluminum center section for fade-free performance, optimized heat resistance and reduced unsprung weight.

The driver is provided with a more direct feel of the road through a state-of-the-art ZF Servotronic® steering system, incorporating speed sensitivity and a variable ratio. StabiliTrak electronic stability control also enables a higher steering effort, through reduced power assistance for a high degree of steering feel, when the driver switches traction control off or selects ‘Competitive’ mode, such as when exploiting the car’s performance on a race track.

An electric parking brake, instead of a foot operation, frees up space to allow optimal ‘dead pedal’ placement for a firm footrest during high-performance driving.


The extensive standard equipment roster also includes:

  • Adaptive Forward Lighting with steering-linked Xenon headlamps
  • Rear-view camera
  • Rear parking assistance
  • Theft deterrent alarm system
  • Keyless access with automatic door locking/unlocking and remote start
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Heated door mirrors, with powered adjustment and fold functions
  • Front fog lamps
  • Six airbags (dual-stage front, front side and roof-mounted front/rear curtain)

With huge performance allied to massive grip and stopping power, the latest Cadillac CTS V-Series is rewriting the record books. Whether your choice is the Sedan, the Sport Wagon or the Coupe, an unrivalled driving experience is guaranteed.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Cadillac CTS-V (PDF)