New Chevrolet Sonic

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Finally, an automobile with breakthrough styling has arrived. Introducing the New Chevrolet Sonic, where striking meets performance in perfect harmony, exquisite at every angle of motor sport design from head to tail. The Sonic offers a two-tone color interior with a roomy feel and plenty of space for everything. Grab all the attention on the road.



Chevrolet Sonic Model Variant

 Chevrolet Sonic Model Variant  THB
 NB 1.4 MT LS  548,000
 NB 1.4 AT LA  578,000
 NB 1.4 MT LT  588,000
 NB 1.4 AT LT  615,000
 NB 1.4 AT LTZ  679,000
 HB 1.4 MT LT  601,000
 HB 1.4 AT LT  632,000
 HB 1.4 AT LTZ  687,000
 *NB = 4-door Sedan
 *HB = 5-door Hatchback
 *MT = 5-speed Manual Transmission
 *AT = 6-speed Auto Transmission