Vauxhall ecoFlex

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Vehicle Highlights

Vauxhall’s ecoFLEX range of cars is growing continually, and with the recent addition of the Corsa ecoFLEX Start/Stop – as well as the recently launched new Meriva and new Astra ecoFLEX models – has bolstered its prominence in the UK market still further.

Crucially, Vauxhall does not compromise the performance of its greenest models when they adopt an ecoFLEX badge. A good example is the new Meriva 1.3 CDTi ecoFLEX which joins the Corsa Start Stop on the Paris stand, and combines 21 per cent more power (now at 95PS) with 11.2 per cent lower emissions (119g/km) compared with its ecoFLEX predecessor.

Some more highlights from Vauxhall’s current ecoFLEX range are shown below:

Highlights of the 2011
Vauxhall ecoFLEX
model range
Max. Output (PS) Combined Fuel
consumption (MPG)
CO2 emissions
Corsa 1.3 CDTi ecoFLEX 95 67.3 98
Astra 1.3 CDTi ecoFLEX 95 68.9 109
Meriva 1.3 CDTi ecoFLEX 95 62.8 119
Insignia 2.0 CDTi ecoFLEX 160 53.3 129

Allied to the Vauxhall’s ecoFLEX strategy is its policy of engine right-sizing, whereby larger powertrains are replaced by smaller, turbocharged engines. For instance, for the first time a 1.4 Turbo engine (120    PS + 175Nm of torque) was made available in the new Meriva at its recent launch. This engine replaced the 1.6-litre, 105PS unit from the outgoing model, yet reduced emissions and fuel consumption by 10 per cent and increased power by 15 per cent.

Vauxhall is committed to lowering emissions and fuel consumption still further in the future, while gradually displacing our dependency on oil and creating more diverse energy sources. To that end, Vauxhall has set in motion a green strategy that will carry it forward into the next decade, including the following highlights:

  • Small battery electric vehicles for people who drive short distances or who mainly drive in cities and heavily congested urban environments
  • Extended-range vehicles for families who want a car they can drive anytime, anywhere, with no range anxiety. Europe’s first E-REV (Extended-Range Electric Vehicle), the Vauxhall/Opel Ampera is scheduled to hit UK dealerships in just over a year.
  • In the long-term, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles for driving long distances with zero emissions and no limitation on vehicle size or function. The fourth generation Hydrogen4 vehicle is currently on trial in Europe and received positive reviews when it was driven by the UK media.


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