Stylish Design with Greater Comfort: Opel Vivaro Model Year 2014


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  • Color Edition Pack with black alloy wheels, tinted windows and headlamps
  • Comfort Plus Pack with popular comfort extras and assistance systems
  • Packs offer up to 40 percent savings versus individual option costs

Rüsselsheim.  Design meets multi-functionality: the Opel Vivaro model year 2014 is available with a Color Edition Pack, a special design package including gloss black alloy wheels, dark tinted side and rear windows, tinted headlamp units and color-coded bumpers. It gives the popular Vivaro a sleek, eye-catching presence which makes it stand out from the competition. The tinted, heat-absorbing glazing also has a practical benefit, as it weakens the effects of direct solar radiation to ensure the cabin does not get too warm, particularly in summer. Customers can also choose from five exterior colors: Casablanca White, Star Silver, Steel Grey, Midnight Black and Sage. The Color Edition Pack is available for the Vivaro Combi, Tour and Life variants as well as panel van and can be ordered from 355 euros (RRP incl. VAT in Germany) depending on the equipment version. Compared to the cost of specifying items individually, the package offers valuable savings of up to 40 percent.

Another attractive Vivaro equipment offer is the Comfort Plus Pack, now available for the panel van and Combi. With elements like air conditioning, an arm-rest for the driver’s seat, cruise control, parking assistance and a rain sensor, it increases cabin comfort while also unburdening the driver to further enhance driving safety. Like the Color Edition Pack, this package provides valuable savings of around 40 percent compared to the cost of ordering items individually.

Multi-talented with ‘can-do’ qualities and economical powertrain

With its outstanding qualities, the Vivaro has become one of the most popular vans in Europe in the sub-2.9-ton class. Since its launch in 2001, well over 560,000 units have rolled off the assembly line in Europe. The Vivaro line-up comes in two wheelbases and two roof heights, with different base variants ranging from the panel van to a platform chassis and the leisure Life van. While offering a maximum load volume of 8.4 cubic meters and a payload of up to 1,210 kg, the Vivaro is not only a great load-carrier. It’s also economical and environmentally-friendly, using efficient and extremely low-emission Euro 5-compliant engines which entitle it to a green environmental sticker for unrestricted access to all low emission zones.

Opel Vivaro

Model year 2014: Color Line and Comfort Plus Pack for new Opel Vivaro offer up to 40 percent savings versus individual option costs.

Opel Vivaro

Black Beauty: Opel Vivaro Color Edition with black alloy wheels, tinted windows and headlamps