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Mr Sun Yat-sen took Buick vehicle in the early twentieth century

SGM made the first pile at its Jinqiao production base on Jan 10, 1997

GM and SAIC sign joint venture contracts for the creation of Shanghai General Motors Co. Ltd. and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC). in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on March 25, 1997.

The first Buick new century was offline on Dec 7th, 1998

1998 Buuck New Century

PATAC launched the first made-in-china concept vehile "Qilin" on Jun, 1999

The first GL8 business travel car made its offline on Dec 17, 1999

The Buick Sail compact car was offline on Dec 12, 2012

The first batch of GL10 was exported to Philippine on Oct, 2001

SAIC-GM-Wuling was built on Jun 4, 2002

The Wuling Sunshine made its offline on Nov 18, 2002

SGM launch "Buick Care" service brand on Nov, 2002

Buick Regal was launched on Dec 26, 2002

Buick Excelle was launched on Apr 19, 2003

The world's first mini-car Chevrolet Lechi was launched on Dec, 2003

The Kunpeng CAV designed by PATAC became the first concept car developed in China to be displayed at NAIAS on Jan, 2004

The Cadillac brand was released in China on Jun 7, 2004

GM and SAIC created China’s first approved and operational automotive financing company - GMAC-SAIC Automotive Finance

SGM launched Buick Excelle HRV on Oct 20, 2004

The Buick GL8 Firstland was launched on Apr 21, 2005

The Chevrolet Aveo made its world premiere in China on Jul 25, 2005

The Chevrolet Lova was launched on Nov 21, 2005

The Buick Lacrosse was launched on Feb 22, 2006

GM and SAIC became the global partner of 2010 Shanghai EXPO