Kevin Wale

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President, GM China, and

Chief Country Operations Officer, China, India and ASEAN

Kevin Wale was appointed president, GM China, and chief country operations officer, China, India and ASEAN, on July 16, 2012. Based in Shanghai, he is responsible for the overall coordination of GM's extensive operations in several key emerging markets.

Wale had been president and managing director of the GM China Group since May 1, 2005. He earlier served as vice president of General Motors Europe and chairman and managing director of Vauxhall Motors Ltd. since 2002, with additional responsibilities leading GM Europe's commercial vehicle activities since 2004.

Wale began his GM career with Holden, the automaker's Australian unit, in 1975, in the Finance Department. In 1983, he moved to the GM Financial Staff in New York. Returning to Australia in 1985, Wale assumed the position of director of Finance and Strategic Planning of Holden. In 1993, he became the director of Sales, Marketing and Aftersales.

He was appointed executive in charge of Operations for GM Asia Pacific in 1998. In 2001, he moved to Vauxhall Motors as managing director and was appointed vice president of GM Europe. He also served as a member of the GM Europe Strategy Board.

A native of Melbourne, Australia, Wale has a Bachelor of Commerce degree with honors from Melbourne University and did additional study at the General Motors Institute (Kettering University). In 2009, he received the Magnolia Award from the Shanghai government.