Bryan Nesbitt

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Bryan Nesbitt
Vice President, Design
GM China

Bryan Nesbitt was appointed vice president, Design, for GM China, effective March 5, 2014. He also serves as brand champion for Wuling and Baojun, and is a member of Shanghai GM’s Design Review Committee.
Nesbitt previously served as vice president, Design, for GM International Operations (GMIO), since August 1, 2011.

Nesbitt joined General Motors in 2001 as design director for Chevrolet. In 2002, he was appointed executive director of Design, Body-Frame Integral Architectures, for all GM North America brands. He directed the teams that produced the 2007 NA COTY Saturn Aura, the 2008 NA COTY Chevrolet Malibu and 2008 Buick Enclave.

In 2004, Nesbitt was named executive director of Design, GM Europe, where he directed the 2009 EU COTY Opel/Vauxhall Insignia and 2010 Astra, 2011 Meriva and 2012 GTC teams. He was appointed vice president of GM North America Design in 2007, where he oversaw models such as the 2013 NA COTY Cadillac ATS and 2014 Escalade. In addition, Nesbitt held the post of general manager for the Cadillac brand, which included implementing an all new facility image for US stand-alone dealers currently being executed.

Nesbitt is a native of the U.S. state of Arizona. He holds a bachelor’s degree, with Honors, in transportation design from the Art Center College of Design. He received the Young Leadership & Excellence Award from the Automotive Hall of Fame in 2002.