2013 GM China Consumer Fuel Saving Challenge


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Event Information


Date:Dec 21,2013

Route: Hainan International Convention And Exhibition Center → Nanhai Road → volcano Road → G98 WesternExpressway → G98 EesternExpressway → X435 →Shenzhou Peninsula ShenzhouRailway Station


Date:Nov 30,2013

Route: Shanghai Circuit → Anxiao Road → Yining Road → North Jiasong Road → Jia'an Road → Shanghai Ring Expressway → Shenhai Expressway → G318 → S227 → Suzhou (Wujiang) Your Land Race Theme Park


Date:Oct 26,2013

Route: Qipanshan Scenic Spot → Forest Road → Shenyang-Jilin Highway → Shenyang City Highway → Forest Road → Rainforest Hotel


Date:Sept 14,2013

Route:Qingquanyingrui Car Theme Park → Fushi Road → West 6th Ring Road → South 6th Ring Road →Jingkai highway → Weiyong Road → Zuoti Road → Easter Rider Park


Date:July 20, 2013

Route: Qinghai International Expo Center → Nanjing Road → Ruiyuan Road → Tongan Road → East Nanchuan Road → Xita Highway → S101 → Laji Mountain Tunnel → Guide State Geopark


Date:June 15, 2013

Route:Wujiaba Airport → Chuncheng Road → South Road of the 2nd Ring → Kunyu Highway → City Highway → Gaohai Highway → Haikoute Bridge → Kunan Highway → City Highway → Longxigou campground in Anning

Media Releases

2013 GM China Consumer Fuel-Saving Challenge Concluded on Hainan Island


Haikou – Tropical Hainan Island served as the venue for the sixth and final leg of the 2013 GM China Consumer Fuel-Saving Challenge. On December 21, 9 owners of Chevrolet Malibu sedans equipped with 2.4L engines and automatic transmissions competed to find out who could achieve the best fuel economy result.

Chevrolet Captiva SUV Shows Its Green Credentials


XINING–Chevrolet Captiva SUV owners participated in the second leg of the 2013 GM China Consumer Fuel-Saving Challenge in Xining, Qinghai, on July 20.



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