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Product Highlights

Stylish exterior design: Envision follows the Buick’s new design language - dynamic, smooth, quiet and comfort. It represents the future tend of Buick’s future vehicle, and demonstrates the new design concept of the premium midsize SUV.

  • Dynamic and sharp front 
  • Smooth sideline
  • Graceful rear

Superior comfortable interior: features blend of luxury, refinement and advanced technologies, Buick Envision sets new standards for design, material, color, functionalities, decorations, and create the best interior space among its peers.

  • Exquisite craftsmanship and details
  • Spacious and comfort room for passengers
  • Versatile and varied storages
  • Strictly selected green materials

Strong driving performance: it is the first time that Envision is equipped with the new next generation 2.0T engine.  It has all new 6-speed DSS transmission which not only enables smooth and effective power output, but also increases the fuel efficiency greatly.  The rigid chassis and FlexRide further improve the vehicle’s driving performance. 

  • Strong and high-performance powertrain
  • Sophisticated and intelligent four-wheel drive system

Superb and comprehensive safety features:

  • Better-than-peer passive safety system
  • Comprehensive proactive safety devices
  • Latest intelligent safety system
  • Other active safety features
  • Other features that improve the road safety

Superb and plentiful technology features

  • New generation intelligent-link
  • ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)
  • Library-quiet noise-reducing and noise-cancelling
  • Bose premium theatre stereo
  • Smart and easy to use features


From 269,900, for more price information, please visit Buick mini-site: http://www.buick.com.cn/