2014 GM China Fuel Saving Challenge


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Event Information


Date: December 13, 2014
Model: Chevrolet Trax
Route: Guiyang Mengguan International Automotive Trading Town → Mengguan Rd. → Mengguan Toll Station → Guiyang South Ring Expressway → Guiyang Ring Expressway → Duzhi Expressway → Duyun South Toll Station → Duyun Operation Center


Date: September 27, 2014
Model: Baojun 610
Route:  Weifang Guangwei Auto Park → Weizhou South Rd. → Fangzi Toll Station → Rongwei Expressway → Xinwen Expressway → Rongwu Expressway → Laizhou Toll Station → 218 Provincial Rd. → Yunfeng South Rd. → Laizhou Chinese Rose Garden  


Date:June 28,2014
Model: Buick Regal
Route: Huzhou Driving School → Hangchangqiao South Rd. →Huzhou South Toll Station→ Changshen Expressway→ Liyang(south)/ Tianmu Lake/ Exit S241→Liyang(south) Toll Station →Tianmu Lake Avenue →Xiyuan Rd. →  Parking Lot of Holiday Inn

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2014 GM China Consumer Fuel-Saving Challenge Kicked Off


HUZHOU – The 2014 GM China Consumer Fuel-Saving Challenge kicked off on June 30th in Huzhou, Zhejiang. 10 participants drove Buick Regals equipped with 2.0-liter engines to find out who could achieve the best fuel economy.