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The so-called “Opel Eye,” 1910-1935. Based on a suggestion from the Grand Duke of Hesse, the emblem design was realized in 1910 by Plant Manager Riedel and Mr. Stief from the construction department. It was modified in 1928.

The 260 hp race car with a 12.3-liter, 4-valve engine, built in 1914.

The two variants of the 10/24 hp Opel from 1911: a torpedo double phaeton and a covered limousine with a fold-down windshield.

The fire of 1911. In the night of August 19, 1911, a large part of the plant was destroyed by fire.

The company celebraits fiftieth anniversarywith a gala event on August 23, 1912.

Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse by the Rhine in front of a 40/100 hp Opel,1912.

At the Huy Automobile Meeting in Belgium, Carl Jörns comes in first in the under 4-liter classand is declared overall winner,in October 1913.

In a 260 hp, 12.3-liter race car built in 1914, Carl Jörns wins first place in the over 5-liter class of the Schauinsland hill climb, in August 1925.

Carl Jörns at the wheel of a 260 hp, 12.3-liter Opel race car from 1914. Beside him is his navigator, Kurt C. Volkhart.