Two Cruzes In The Top Three In Marrakech’s First Test

Huff fastest and Menu third. Muller’s session disrupted by …a cat


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After one year away, the WTCC is back in Marrakech and the cars took to the North African track for the first time today in the testing session. Drivers and teams have been impressed with the high standard of the venue and pleased to see the sunshine after yesterday’s heavy rain.

Today’s working session allowed the drivers to refamiliarise themselves with the Moroccan urban track, which has undergone some minor modifications, and to start setting up the cars. The Cruzes were immediately competitive, as Rob Huff posted the best lap time and Alain Menu was third fastest. Yvan Muller finished 7th, after colliding with … a stray cat, something not completely at odds on a Friday 13th!


·         QUOTES

Rob Huff: “I’m happy to be back to Marrakech, a track I like and where I’ve done well in the past, and very pleased with today’s session. The guys did a wonderful job and the car was very good straight away. Track and weather conditions were perfect, so everything went smoothly. Best lap time at this stage of the event doesn’t mean much, as we all know, but it’s an excellent start of the weekend.”

Alain Menu: “It was a very positive first session, the car felt good and there was also a good lap time at the end of it, despite not really seeking performance. I spent most of the session studying the circuit and getting well acquainted with it. There are some changes to the two chicanes since our last visit, and it is important to learn how to pass fast and clean through them.”

Yvan Muller: “My session was ruined by a close encounter with a cat that crossed the track coming from nowhere. The impact damaged the splitter and the car was less efficient after that incident. In truth, I am happier with the behavior of the car at the beginning of the session, when I had old tyres on, that at the end with new tyres. Now we’ll have to analyse all the data and start working on the set up for tomorrow.”

Eric Nève: “The first impression getting to the circuit this morning could not have been more positive: great venue and track, perfect organization. There has been a lot of progress since the last event here and the organizers have done a really fantastic job. I’m sure we’re off to a great event this weekend. It’s also nice to see that the good weather is back. Yesterday, we had rain, which is definitely not a usual sight here, and all the promotional activities had to be rescheduled for this afternoon.”





1. R Huff               Chevrolet Cruze        1m46s285

2. T Chilton            Ford Focus S200 TC  + 0s829

2. A Menu             Chevrolet Cruze        + 0s917

4. G Tarquini         SEAT León 1.6T         + 1s024

5. A. MacDowall   Chevrolet Cruze          + 1s370

7. Y Muller            Chevrolet Cruze        +1s731



Menu, Muller and Huff in Marrakech