Ashley Winnett

Executive Director Human Resources

Ashley Winnett joined Holden in 2005 and has worked in various Legal and Human Resource roles encompassing industrial relations, hourly and salaried human resources, talent management, compensation, workplace planning and organizational change. 

In 2007 Ashley relocated to South Australia where he was appointed to the position of HR Manager – General Assembly & Labour Relations. In 2009 Ashley was appointed to the position of HR Director, Manufacturing and Labour Relations where, during the height of GM’s Chapter 11 and the global financial crisis, his team working closely with the FVIU negotiated the “one shift two crew” arrangement.

Ashley returned to Melbourne in 2012 where he was appointed to the position of Executive Director Human Resources. In 2013 Ashley led a small team who successfully negotiated the landmark variation to the Holden Enterprise Agreement which instituted wage freezes for Holden’s Adelaide workforce from 2012 to 2016. 

Prior to joining Holden Ashley was a Partner at Norton Rose (formerly Deacons) in their Workplace Relations Practice in Melbourne. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Law and Arts (Hons) Monash University and is a Director of the Holden Employees Superannuation Fund.