Talented Artists Take the Stage at Dubai’s Gulf Music Festival


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DUBAI – On 22 March, over 500 music-lovers came together for Dubai’s first Gulf Music Festival. Organized by Brownbook – the UAE’s leading urban lifestyle guide – the full-day event was held at The Archive in Safa Park and featured incredible live performances by a plethora of renowned regional artists including Zeid Hamdan & Maii Waleed, Kamal Musallam and the Moroccan singer Oum.

Musicians from Freshly Ground Sounds – a non-profit initiative designed to promote independent acoustic sounds across the UAE – also performed for the delighted crowd.

Sponsored by leading luxury auto brand Cadillac and Bloomingdales, the Festival proved to be an immense success, serving as a powerful platform for regional acts to showcase their musical talents on a national stage.

“We are so proud to have sponsored the UAE’s most highly-anticipated Festival – which, essentially, celebrates the artistry of brilliant musicians from across the Middle East,” said Nadim Ghrayeb, Brand Manager for Cadillac in the Middle East. “At Cadillac, we have long believed that creative prowess and superior-quality performance are part and parcel of the brand’s strong design heritage. This vision is what makes this collaboration entirely befitting.”

About Cadillac
Cadillac “The New Standard of the World” has been a leading luxury auto brand since 1902. Today Cadillac is growing globally, driven by an expanding product portfolio featuring dramatic design and technology. Described as luxurious, having a bold and daring personality, being tough and strong as well as safe and powerful, Cadillac has maintained an iconic presence for over 85 years in the Middle East.

The Cadillac portfolio in the Middle East features award-winning passenger cars ATS, CTS and XTS as well as the SRX crossover and Escalade SUV. Cadillac also offers customers a high-level aftersales service experience through the Premium Care Program. For more information, please visit www.cadillacarabia.com.



Talented Artists Take the Stage at Dubai’s Gulf Music Festival

Talented Artists Take the Stage at Dubai’s Gulf Music Festival