GM EN-V Jiao(Pride) in Shanghai
GM EN-V Xiao(Laugh)


GM Unveils EN-V Concept: A Vision for Future Urban Mobility

Shanghai – By 2030, urban areas will be home to more than 60 percent of the world’s 8 billion people. This will put tremendous pressure on a public infrastructure that is already struggling to meet the growing demand for transportation and basic services.

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EN-V Fast Facts

EN-V is short for Electric Networked Vehicle, Leverages electrification and connectivity, creating a new class of personal urban mobility, Connectivity separates EN-V from other electric vehicles, Autonomous driving, parking and retrieval with advanced sensors and drive-by-wire systems, Uses electricity supplied by a lithium-ion phosphate battery and can be recharged using ordinary outlets

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EN-V Concept Specification Sheet


Automated retrieval, via app-linked smart phone,Automated door opening, via app-linked smart phone,Platooning,Infotainment options (geo-locating other vehicles, audiovisual information),Web-conferencing (social networking),Collision avoidance between vehicles,Object detection,Automated parking, via handheld device

Personality Sketches


EN-V Xiao is a very charming vehicle. Just like its name, which means “Laugh,” Xiao looks as if it is smiling at everyone with its friendly exterior appearance. Every day, Xiao will be your best friend while transporting you around the city – protecting you from accidents, linking you to other EN-Vs for smooth commutes and even connecting you with your human friends. With Xiao, you will always feel happy and never be lonely.

GM EN-V Miao(Magic)
GM EN-V Xiao(Laugh)
GM EN-V Jiao(Pride)
GM EN-V Xia(Laugh) Interior