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Opel brand sharpens its profile


Geneva. Opel sharpens its brand profile and underscores its leading role in flexibility, design and environmentally friendliness at the 80th International Auto Show in Geneva. In addition to the world debut ...

Opel at Geneva 2010: Preview of great things to come


Geneva /Rüsselsheim. At the 80th Geneva Motor Show (March 4 – 14), the new Opel will give a taste of its future, displaying four cars that express its mission of offering accessible German engineering ...

Opel Ampera: Electric driving without range-anxiety


Geneva/Rüsselsheim. The Opel Ampera, a game-changing electric family car that is practical for everyday use without range-anxiety, exhibits the company’s push to be in the forefront of environmentally friendly motoring ...

Opel Ampera: Charged up for Geneva


Rüsselsheim. The first prototype of the production Ampera today received its initial charge of electricity from the newly installed recharging station at Opel’s headquarters ...

Opel at Geneva: One premiere, one vision and loads of ecoFLEXiblity


Opel will excite Geneva Motor Show goers March 4 when it unveils the Meriva – a fresh, innovative, flexible champion for the monocab segment. Opel also will ...

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