New Gen 5 Corvette Engine


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2012-10-24  to 2012-10-24

All-New 2014 Corvette LT1 V-8 a Technological Powerhouse


DETROIT – When the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette arrives late next year, it will be powered by a technologically advanced, racing-proven 6.2L V-8 delivering an estimated 450 horsepower and helping produce 0-60 times in less than four seconds.


Fact Sheet 1 - Gen 5 Small Block Combustion Driven by Advanced Analysis

Computational analysis on the Gen 5 Small Block that debuts in the next Chevrolet Corvette began five years ago and has consumed 0.1 quadrillion bytes of disk space on General Motors’ computers. That’s the equivalent of 18 billion typed pages or 23,000 DVD discs.

Fact Sheet 2 - Gen 5 Small Block Lubrication System

The new Gen 5 Small Block’s lubrication system supports Next-Gen advanced technologies, including Corvette’s first applications of direct injection, Active Fuel Management and continuously variable valve timing. They help the completely reengineered 6.2L engine produce the greatest standard horsepower, torque and efficiency in the car’s 60-year history.

Fact Sheet 3 - Gen 5 Small Block V-8 Durability and Validation

The Gen 5 Small Block was subjected to the toughest durability testing ever for a V-8 engine from General Motors. It included millions of hours of computational analysis that perfected the design of everything from the design of the combustion system to the shape of the connecting rods, to thousands of hours of physical testing.

Fact Sheet 4 - Corvette, the Small Block V-8 and LT1

When the next Corvette hits the street and racetrack, it will do so with an all-new, Gen 5 Small Block V-8 engine. Named LT1, it will be the most powerful and efficient standard engine ever in the car’s six-decade history, thanks to a trio of Next-Gen technologies – the first Corvette applications of direct injection, Active Fuel Management and continuously variable valve timing – for greater performance and efficiency.

Fact Sheet 5 - Corvette and Small Block Performance Milestones

1955: 265-cid V-8 debuts in the Corvette as an option, with 195 horsepower. Ninety percent of customers select it. 1957: 283-cid V-8 introduced; Rochester mechanical fuel injection helps the Small Block produce 283 horsepower – or one horsepower for every cubic inch.

Fact Sheet 6 - Gen 5 Small Block LT1 Specifications

Engine type: 90-degree V-8 with overhead valves; continuous VVT; Displacement: 6.2L (376 cubic inches); Bore x Stroke (in / mm): 4.06 x 3.62 / 103.25 x 92; Cylinder block: cast aluminum with nodular main caps; Main bearing fasteners: six, including two cross-bolts per cap ; Crankshaft: forged steel; Connecting rods: powder metal, 6.125 inches in length

Fact Sheet 7 - General Motors Powertrain Development Center

The Gen 5 Small Block LT1 engine for the next-generation Corvette was tested and validated at General Motors’ Global Powertrain Engineering Development Center, in Pontiac, Michigan.


LT1 Presentation [pdf]