Environmental Efforts

For over 30 years, General Motors Bowling Green Corvette Assembly has been committed to actions that restore and preserve the environment while building America’s favorite sports car – the Chevrolet Corvette. Significant efforts and improvements to the facility have been made to ensure that GM is functioning in a way that is conscious of its environment. During the heaviest period of renovation in 2013, the plant recycled over 1,000 tons, or 2.3 million pounds, of scrap metal. It has become a corporate goal to ensure that this kind of environmentally-friendly attitude is extended to the community. In just one year, the plant participated in or conducted more than 20 events aimed at increasing community awareness about protecting and preserving the environment.

The Corvette Assembly team also created a 75-acre Wildlife Habitat that earned a “Wildlife at Work” certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council. This exhibit of resource preservation has allowed the plant to host various activities to educate the community and its citizens on the importance of taking environmental action. In addition, through its GM GREEN program, the plant partners with Western Kentucky University and local elementary schools to learn about watersheds, reducing water pollution and testing water quality. Through both large and small-scale projects, Bowling Green Assembly is making a difference right here in the community.

Environmental News

Wildlife Habitat Continues to Flourish and Involve Community


BGA's 75-acre "Wildlife at Work" certified Wildlife Habitat was constructed in 2011. Since then, however, the Wildlife Habitat has continued to grow. In April 2013, one of BGA's very own employees introduced the first beehive to the Wildlife Habitat, an effort done to aid flower pollenation and create a natural extension of the wildlife.

BGA employees mentor local students in watershed quality program


GM’s GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) program encourages plants to actively participate in community environmental programs. Over the past two years Bowling Green Assembly has partnered with neighboring Western Kentucky University and several local elementary schools. As a result, BGA employees mentored an astonishing 400 local students who learned about community watershed quality.

Bowling Green again meets EPA's ENERGY STAR® Challenge for Industry


For the past three years, Bowling Green Assembly has been one of 63 General Motors facilities to meet the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Challenge for Industry. To meet the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry, manufacturing facilities need to reduce energy used per unit of production by at least 10 percent within five years. Bowling Green’s reduction avoided 4,477 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere — the equivalent of electricity use by 670 U.S. homes annually.

Kentucky Mesonet Station Installed at BGA


A Kentucky Mesonet weather station was constructed at Bowling Green Assembly during the month of July, through a charter with Western Kentucky University; it was completed and fully functioning in August. BGA's station is located near the Wildlife Habitat.

Bowling Green volunteers at 2013 Household Hazardous Waste Day


Bowling Green volunteers collected various types of waste at the 2013 Household Hazardous Waste Day. Approximately 7 tons of e-waste, 800 pounds of antifreeze and 20 pounds of paint were recycled.

BGA recycles over 1,000 tons of scrap metal during recent plant renovation


During the recent $151 million plant renovation, undertaken in preparation for building the all-new Corvette Stingray, Bowling Green Assembly recycled a total of over 1,000 tons (2.3 million pounds) of scrap metal.

Corvette Assembly lighting recycling project


In 2011, a lighting project was implemented at Corvette Assembly. All light fixtures were replaced with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, which produced energy savings of 52%. Over 1,200 used lamps and 35,000 pounds of scrap metal from the fixtures were recycled.

Wildlife Habitat Council certifies BGA "Wildlife at Work" location


In 2011, the 75-acre Wildlife Habitat, the largest of its sort in the General Motors portfolio, was completed. Later, the Wildlife Habitat Council certified it a “Wildlife at Work” location.

Charging stations installed at Bowling Green


A solar charging station for the Chevrolet Volt was installed in 2012. This solar array provides about 32,000 kilowatts annually